Computer Repairs Hunters Hill

Tree lined streets, sandstone homes, stunning views and picturesque parks and gardens… It’s easy to see why Hunters Hill is the place Cate Blanchett likes to call home! If you’re enjoying life in Hunters Hill, don’t let your pesky home computer dramas spoil the serenity. Hunters Hill is the place to grow up and grow old in – not the place to be spending endless hours trying to troubleshoot your home computer issues. Our team of friendly computer experts are fluent in PC, Mac, and all types of mobile devices, and have been working in the Hunters Hill area for more than 30 years. Call us now to have an experienced local Hunters Hill computer repairs technician at your door today.


New Computer? Skip the painful set-up.

You’ve just bought a brand new computer or device and you can’t wait to use it.  The last thing you want to do is waste frustrating hours trying to figure out how to set it up. How can you configure your new home computer system to work with your families multiple devices? How do you set up file sharing, or connect your wireless printer? The questions are endless, and trying to work it out on your own can leave you struggling in a dark hole of computer lingo. Our mobile Hunters Hill computer service technicians are only a phone call away. Having our team help you to set up your new computer or device properly from the beginning will save you valuable hours and stress, so you can get to the fun part of using your equipment.


Security is essential

Setting up a network so your family can share files and access the internet from all devices creates fluidity and harmony in your home. Unfortunately though, the same technology which makes our lives so convenient can leave you vulnerable to a range of security issues. Having others leech off your wifi connection is one thing, but imagine the disaster of your personal files being accessed by a stranger –  family photos, bank statements, passwords – it’s a horrible reality for all too many people. Protect your files and your family by having a Hunters Hill Mobile Computer technician to visit your home and put in place top-grade security for your home computer system.


A full range of services, on your doorstep

Our computer repairs Hunters Hill team are local, efficient, knowledgeable and can be at your door on the same day.  We’ve spent more than 30 years helping clients with home computer systems and business IT systems and have never met a computer issue we can’t solve. We will work with you to resolve any issues and help you understand why the issue occurred, so you can be empowered to avoid the same problems in the future. We offer a full range of home computer services, including:



Whether you are looking to remove a virus, setup your business or home network or retrieve a lost file – Mobile Computers are your go to for computer repairs Hunters Hill way. To have a local Hunters Hill computer services expert help you with your computer problems today or contact us here.