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Rick Macri

8 of the best staff efficiency apps

By now you and most of your employees probably have a smartphone and a tablet and more than likely either device is probably glued to your hand a majority of the time. The popularity of this technology has opened the doors to a great number of applications built for our purchase and use. Apps like Shazam, SnapChat and Instagram have become a well-known part of pop-culture and with thousands of others there is an app for everything. When it comes to business use, there are a number of applications designed to work across platforms that can boost sales, staff efficiency and communication in the workplace. Our small business computer repair team has put together a list of eight of the staff efficiency apps that could improve your business (and you probably aren’t using them yet).


1. Asana

This is a task manager application that allows for seamless collaboration. The app allows you to create, assign and manage tasks, as well as adding comments, due dates and progress reports. Users have a checklist of tasks assigned to them and an admin can allow or restrict access to an unlimited amount of client folders. This application is a great idea for small businesses that need to delegate tasks and work to deadlines.


2. Hubspot

Automated marketing is just one of the reasons to use Hubspot as your company CRM. The dashboard keeps you connected to your staff, sales and marketing efforts 24/7. With publishing, monitoring and analytics tools for social media and your web page, as well as client data, lead data and personas, it’s your one stop shop for everyone in your business to access information of any kind.


3. Slack

This application could be the answer to every business team’s crumbling communication strategy. This team-messaging app offers file sharing for collaboration, it’s cross-platform and it’s searchable. Slack is an instant messenger that performs all the tasks of email, reducing the possibility of an important email getting lost amongst the fodder. Our small business computer repair team uses Slack during the day to stay in touch and share files, invoices and information.


4. Huddle

This is a collaboration application that prides itself on its security. With a number of Government entities and large companies use the application for file sharing, syncing and collaborating on files. Huddle provides a secure platform for clients, colleagues and contractors to collaborate and use files from wherever they are.


5. Workboard

This team effort and productivity app has a number of features that are beneficial to business and employee efficiency. Set and monitor tasks, managers can set goals while staying updated on work progress. The app allows you to share actioned items, give and get feedback badges, get weekly status reports and provide comments. This app allows for objectives to be shared with a team so that expectations are clear and projects are delivered efficiently and at a good standard.


6. Evernote

This is an organisational app that allows you to make lists, sync across platforms, take clips from anywhere on the web, share and discuss with colleagues all in the one place. The Plus version is just $29.99 a year and allows users to access notes while offline, save emails into Evernote and gives 1GB of space for saving notes.


7. Google Drive

This is the ultimate file sharing application and one that our small business computer repair team highly recommends. Create, edit and share documents, sheets, slides and more that can be arranged into folders for organisation. These folders can then be viewed by fellow team members and clients. Create file templates, set documents that can be accessed offline, upload scanned documents and receipts and sync or upload your files to gmail. Google Drive also has an App which is compatible across platforms so you can access what you need while out and about.


8. Expensify

The Expensify app allows you and your employees to track business expenses with ease. The app allows you to scan receipts, automatically upload card transactions and code expenses to clients. This app also allows you to track billable time, mileage and it can be integrated with Evernote for expense tracking on the go.


If you want to find more ways to make your staff and your business more efficient by taking advantage of apps and other technology get in contact with our small business computer repair team. Or maybe you use an application at your business that you think more of us should be using to increase productivity? Please let us know on our Facebook page!