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A guide to linking my household devices

How likely are you to read the user manual to get the most out of your devices? Do you know what a home network is or if you’ve got one? Are your devices compatible? How many devices do you have?

If you are like every other australian family, you will likely be running anywhere up to 8 devices at a time on your internet connection. Most households are functioning with the support of linked calendars to schedule, and each member of the family is using a screen for learning, development and social activity daily. So are you getting the most out of your investment in household tech items, or could you be making better use?

Feeling like you need a leg up? Let’s dig a little deeper into your knowledge bank and see if we can help..

The future of home technologies

If you thought we were already living in the high tech modern age, take a look at what’s coming up in the future of home tech. The idea of dual doored fridges and an electric toothbrush that warns you that you aren’t brushing your teeth enough seemed distant! Welcome to the new era of technology!

Whether using Apple or Android product families, the way forward for all tech giants is implementing Wifi and internet into your household products. Before we get to the part where your oven turns on before you get home, we should look at the basics of setting up a home network and linking devices to it.

So are you Apple or Android?

Products like Apple family sharing and Samsung’s insync packages are designed specifically to cater to their products. If you are a loyal customer to either of these brands, it can make it easier to link your devices as the user experience and functionality are similar across all products in their range. They are designed as a best fit to join together.

(If you are saying “what’s Android?” and you aren’t interested in learning about your in home tech – call for an onsite computer support guy who can sort you out in your very own home with limited interference.)

What’s a “Home Network?”

A home network is a type of local area network with the purpose to facilitate communication among digital devices present inside or within the close vicinity of a home. A home network works as a switchboard operator of sorts – rerouting signal to all the devices that are connected in your house to the internet plan you have installed. A wireless network is often the cheapest way to connect all your devices. A good home network will need a firewall to protect the contents of the network so that only devices that should have access to the network do.

Do you have a home network setup? If you aren’t very tech savvy, it can be tricky talking routers and modems! If you’re having trouble chewing through the lingo, an onsite computer support tech can discuss your options and the best fit plan for your family. When it comes to setting up the privacy of your family network, you really want the best level of security which may require help.

Why get onsite computer support for home sharing?

After hours of frustration trying to follow along tech talk and help forums, getting onsite computer support is a breath of fresh air. It can make you feel stressed, useless and silly when you can’t get the information you need in plain english. Why learn tech talk just to connect your families devices? For the affordable cost of an onsite computer support technician to come to your house and have all your devices linked up and your network either installed or upgraded to suit your needs, why go through the hassle of DIY IT? Give yourself more time with the family and enjoy your evenings and weekends instead!

So as you can see, it’s not so much a matter of what you have and if it works together, but putting in the right groundwork to get it to work together. Getting a “family” of devices is always an easier option – but if you work with Android at work and use Mac at home, you still have options. Call an onsite computers tech to your home to get utilising the full range of applications you already own!

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