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Pros and Cons of staying up to date with computer updates

With technology developing at the speed of light it seems that every other day our computers and mobile devices are delivering pop up messages reminding us of a program or software update. With a number of software providers like Adobe and Microsoft turning to a subscription model for their products, keeping up with updates is now more difficult than ever. For most of us, we are quick to click the “Not now” or “Remind me later” button.

Keeping on top of computer updates is important, however there are some points to consider before updating programs. Our home computer service experts have laid out the pros and cons for you below.


Restarting your computer

Probably the most inconvenient thing about having to update computer programs is the need to restart your computer in order for the updates to take effect. Generally when we are reminded to do an update we have multiple tabs open, a number of programs running and we are right in the middle of something.

Program updates are best left  to be done on their own, when you don’t have any pressing tasks to complete. A way to combat this is to set aside a time every week or fortnight to check for updates and restart your computer. Not only will this keep your programs up to date but it’s also good to reboot your computer every once in a while too to keep it functioning smoothly.


Staying on top of updates means that you get the best user experience

Updates are provided by the creators of programs for various reasons based on user feedback, compatibility issues and security problems. For that reason, keeping up with updates will ensure your computer remains secure and the program continues to run optimally. Program and software updates also allow you to use the newest features available for the best user experience possible.


You’ve just got used to the current software

When you’ve just got the hang of the way a program functions or finally become familiar with the icons on your desktop it can be disconcerting to have to start all over again when an update changes the layout on you. If you have recently updated your software or upgraded to a newer version of a program and you require a bit of help using it simply give Mobile Computer Services a call, we are available for all of your home computer services.


New software hasn’t had the opportunity for extensive trial and error

A software update improves upon the software that you currently have. A software upgrade is one which replaces your current software for an upgraded version.

When it comes to software upgrades there have been instances when users who have upgraded to new software releases have had negative experiences involving their computers not syncing with other devices, slow connection speeds and glitches with programs that haven’t been trialled extensively. Most notably was the Yosemite update for iOS and Windows 7 being incompatible with a number of XP programs. Those who upgraded to the newer versions of the software were faced with bugs, compatibility errors and slow running time.

To avoid possible problems, do a bit of research before doing a software update. You will be able to find user feedback online and can take the advice of those who have upgraded before you as to whether you should go ahead or wait awhile for the bugs to be ironed out. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our home computer support experts and we can discuss the software upgrade with you.


Avoid viruses and malware

The most updated version of computer software and programs are best protected against viruses, malware and security issues. By keeping up with computer updates you can ensure that any vulnerability that may be present is fixed immediately.

When it comes to updates, have a read through what the upgraded version is going to offer you. If it mentions things like bug fixes, security upgrades or performance improvements then it will be of benefit to you and your system to run the update. Check the file size of the update too, if it’s bigger than 2GB then this would suggest the program or software update offers a bigger overhaul and it might be worth doing some research into reviews and user experiences so far.

If you need some extra support with program updates, operating software, syncing your devices or installing new programs contact one of our home computer support experts. We are here to maximise user experience by providing guidance and teaching our clients how to use their computers efficiently. Give us a call and we will come to you.