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Business Computers: when to update, when to upgrade and when to replace

Computers are central to the day to day running of any business. For many small businesses, IT systems can be one of the biggest ongoing expenses and yet it’s something you can’t afford NOT to have working smoothly. From productivity to file security, having a healthy and effective computer system for your inner west business business is non-negotiable.

If you’re experiencing some glitches with your computers, we understand the panic: what if your entire system conks out? How much will it cost to replace your office desktops or laptops? How long will it take and what will the impact be on your business operations?


Luckily, our experienced IT consultants know that things aren’t always as bad as they seem. We have plenty of cost-effective ways to update and upgrade your computer system before throwing in the towel. And, if worst comes to worst, we can help you replace your computers with as little fuss and expense as possible – letting you get back to running your business ASAP.


What’s normal life span of a computer?

Experts recommend the average PC should be replaced every three to five years. If your computers are younger than that, chances are that our technicians can help you prolong the life of your system with some software updates and hardware upgrades.


If your computers are hitting the five year mark though, it might be time to upgrade your PC’s. System and software upgrades are only effective as long as your computers are actually capable of running the latest versions.


Our computer technicians can advise if your computers are compatible with new system updates, and help you decide if the long-term cost of trying to keep outdated machines working will actually outweigh the expense of new ones.


When to update software:

Regularly updating your PC software is essential to keeping things ticking along as they should. We’ve all been guilty of being too busy to run the upgrade when it pops up, but if your business is using outdated software it can result in clunky running times, corrupted files, and you may be unable to open files created in newer versions, so it’s worth keeping up to date.


If you would like some advice around choosing the right softwares to use for your business, or aren’t happy with your current setup and need an easy to implement change, speak to an expert upfront. Computer talk is tough, luckily we speak the language!


Hardware upgrades:

Upgrading hardware components on your desktop and laptop computers can make a world of difference and breathe new life into older machines. We can help you add more memory to your computers and speed up your processing time by swapping out your hard drive for a solid state drive (SSD). We can also help increase the power of your laptops by adding high-capacity batteries.


Your office server is another prime candidate for system upgrades.These expensive pieces of equipment have a long lifespan, which you can extend even further by adding more memory or storage space.


Time to replace:

If your business computers are nearing the five year mark and are experiencing problems it might be time to replace them. Computers that are on their way out can be a real headache, with clunky running times, frequent program crashes, constant error messages and difficulty connecting to the server. There is also the danger that your system could collapse all of a sudden, leaving your business unable to carry out its work and losing work in the process. We know for many of our small business customers it can feel like a lot of money to spend, but the initial investment in new systems will significantly reduce the money you spend down the track on the constant repairs and maintenance of outdated systems.


If you’re unsure whether your computer issues are fixable or if you’re interested in learning more about hardware and software upgrades, have a chat to our Inner West computer repairs team. We can help you weigh up the options available and give you expert advice on the best way to resolve your issues. If you do need to replace your machines, we can help you with expert recommendations on which type of computers you should buy, and setup your new systems effectively with minimal downtime.