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pros and cons of cloud computing

The Pro’s and Con’s of cloud computing

I’m sure a majority of those who use a computer regularly have heard of ‘The Cloud’. To many, it’s an unknown place where files, information and data is kept but few of us really know exactly what it is. Let Mobile Computer Services alleviate the mystery and give you a quick rundown.

Cloud computing is a method of both delivering technology and data storage options for users. While in the past software had to be shipped on a disk, and updates had to be downloaded afterwards to keep the software secure and bug-free, cloud computing allows for the delivery of software and services over the internet without the need for traditional installation. Furthermore, rather than relying on your computer hard drive for storage needs, the cloud offers a place for this storage, which eliminates the need of data recovery from hard disk.

cloud computing

Overtime, data speeds have increased on the internet, and we are suddenly able to transmit and receive large amounts of data in a shorter period of time. Greater speeds allowed for entire services to become available online. The cloud came to be as a method for internet servers to process, store and transmit data, services and applications without hardware.

When it comes to using the almighty cloud there are a few pros and cons that you should be aware of. Our residential computer support team have put together a list that you should consider before adopting cloud computing for your business.



Cost Efficient
The biggest advantage for most businesses that use the cloud for their storage, software and management needs is that it is a much more cost effective method in comparison to stand-alone software servers. By leveraging the cloud’s capabilities, companies benefit from reduced licensing fees while also eliminating charges associated with the cost of data storage, keeping software up to date and IT management.

Collaboration is a breeze
Using the cloud for data storage, your staff can access shared files and data from work or home. Collaborating on work becomes a simple task, with the ability for multiple people to access documents and programs. Furthermore, if you have staff working off-site, like freelancers, they can access relevant programs, documents and folders with ease.

Great storage capabilities
When using the cloud, your storage has the potential to be basically infinite. This eliminates any worries you might have about running out of storage space on servers and also saves businesses the need to have to update hardware.



While cloud service providers strive for the best security standards and adhere to industry standards, the fact remains that this kind of information storage is more prone to security breaches. When using cloud-powered technology there are a number of access points that can potentially be exploited, presenting security challenges especially if your business is storing classified or sensitive information using a cloud service. While these kinds of services can be taken advantage of by hackers, it is unlikely and since the widely publicised celebrity photo hacking scandal, many cloud providers have placed greater emphasis on their security measures.

Greater dependence on your precious internet connection
When working with the cloud it is imperative that your internet connection remains steadfast in order for access. If a large number of people are accessing cloud services at once, your business will require greater bandwidth in order for the system not to lag. If you experience issues with your connection Mobile Computer Services can troubleshoot the issue and suggest methods to speed things up for you.

Technical Issues
When using cloud services there can be times when this system can experience dysfunction. Just like any server or system, cloud services experience downtime. With large volumes of businesses and users taking advantage of cloud services even the very best service providers experience technical issues from time to time. Making sure your files are backed up so that you can continue to be productive during possible technical difficulties is important. Our technicians at Mobile Computer Services can assist you in setting up the appropriate backup systems to ensure possible outages don’t affect you too drastically.


If you’re interested in using cloud services for your business or at your home but still aren’t sure if this is appropriate for you, give Mobile Computer Services a call. We can assess your needs, set up your cloud system, put together a reliable backup system to alleviate any technical concerns and ensure that the system is optimised to work for your business and your employees efficiently. Best of all, we’ll come to you.